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As a highly regulated industry with commitments to reduce environmental impact of energy use, almost every business or organisation faces obligations of some kind to report or reduce energy consumption.


These energy efficient measures include:

  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

  • ESOS (The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme)

  • Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

  • Meter Operators Agreements for half hourly metered clients

  • Display Energy Certificates for public buildings

  • Energy Performance Certificates


We can help you to navigate routes to cost-effective compliance, maximising the benefits to your organisation.



Connections & Metering

Whether your business is expanding, seeking to improve controls or consolidate utilities, SK Energy can arrange new grid connections, upgrade your metering services or disconnect energy supplies. Our connections within the energy industry allow you to keep your business energy efficient and lower organisational costs. 

P272 and MOP Agreements

Over 100,000 businesses are affected by P272.

P272 is a mandatory upgrade to Half Hourly (HH) metering for profile classes 05-08 and is coming into effect from 1 April 2017.


How does this affect me? 

Half Hourly metering is a lot more labour intensive and traditionally can encounter a lot more issues than ‘normal’ meters. Half Hourly metering also has very different ways of pricing with far more options which can often cause confusion for anyone that doesn’t have experience in dealing with them.


How can SK Energy help me? 

SK Energy have many years of experience within the Half Hourly market and have been preparing all of our customer for the upcoming changes since it was agreed in October 2014. Many brokers and consultancies have struggled to get the relevant relationships in place with suppliers to handle transfers and contracts. Because of SK Energy’s extensive existing supplier portfolio, we had no issues getting the agreements in place, this gives us the edge over our competitors. We pass this benefit on to our customers by giving them access to the most and best pricing options, working with all customers to effectively plan in anticipation for the changes.


What is a MOP agreement? 

Meter Operator (MOP) agreements cover the cost of maintenance and necessary communications to send data from the meter to your supplier and are required for all Half Hourly meters. They are charged as either a separate item on the bill or more usually an annual amount.


SK Energy have all the relationships in place to ensure you get the cheapest and most reliable MOP possible. We manage the whole process for you to ensure a stress free experience allowing you to focus on your business.

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