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Energy Procurement

The wholesale price of gas and electricity is constantly fluctuating, which makes buying at the right time crucial for minimising business energy costs and remaining within your budget constraints.

By constantly tracking the markets, our analysts use their knowledge and the latest intelligence to implement the right purchasing strategies to take advantage of soft markets, or limit the damage of costs in a market that is rising, helping businesses to control their budgets and reduce energy overheads.

There's no need to leave it until a limited renewal window to look at the options - waiting will often expose a business to a large degree of risk with the possibility that unpredictable price increases could limit the opportunity to plan and prepare ways to absorb these costs.

SK Energy will find or create the exact energy contract to match your budget and risk appetite, helping you achieve significant procurement savings. 

Our established relationships with cost-effective energy suppliers enable us to design a bespoke energy contract to fit the specific requirements of your business, either on its own or as part of a portfolio of likeminded businesses.

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