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Water Procurement

We make it simple to switch water supplier by handling the whole process on your behalf, from finding you the best water price to managing the changeover.

English Procurement: Any business that has at least one site in England that uses more than 5ml (5,000 cubic metres or 5,000,000 litres) of water per year can switch water supplier. All businesses in Scotland, no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier. The new water market to be launched in 2017 will give those same choices to every business, charity and public sector customer in England. We will manage this service on your behalf.

Scottish Procurement: Since 1 April 2008, all 130,000 business customers have been able to choose their water and sewerage supplier. This is because the retail market was opened up to competition, in much the same way as happened in the gas and electricity industries. Businesses across the country are now benefitting from the change. Competition between suppliers means increased choice. It means potential business savings on water bills and improved customer service. We will manage this service on your behalf.

Water Audit

Water Audit

SK Energy provides a bill validation service that offers detailed analysis of your water and sewerage bills. Making sure you are being charged correctly for your utilities, we check your tariff is the best available and the lowest cost to your business. 

Our bill validation service checks:

  • Surface water charges

  • Fixed standing charges

  • Tariff changes

  • Invoice validation

  • Leakage and non-return to sewer allowances

  • Trade effluent charges inclusive of the Mogden Formulae

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